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Let’s face it. We want our trips to be perfect, especially when we are taking time off of work and spending a lot of money. However, mother nature isn’t always as understanding and accommodating. So what should you do if it looks like it’s going to rain while you are in the Disney parks? Here are a few tips:
Umbrellas are not on the prohibited items list (, meaning they are an approved item that you can take into the parks. However, depending on the size of the umbrella, it may be quite a pain to carry around with you all day. Keep in mind that many others may also have umbrellas, if you are using a large umbrella, you will be constantly bumping umbrellas with other guests. I recommend the YUI compact umbrella for several reasons:

  • Its compact like it’s name says. This umbrella is just a little bit bigger than a large cellphone when folded up.
  • When in use it is almost 3 feet wide (34 inches). Regular seats on an airplane are roughly 18 -20 inches wide.
  • It only weighs 7 ounces! At .4 pounds, this umbrella will not weigh you down or feel burdensome as you walk around the park all day.

If you don’t want to carry an umbrella around the park, it’s also very easy to carry. You can get a 5-pack on Amazon for about $10 The great thing about ponchos is that:

  • You can use them on water rides. Even if it doesn’t end up raining, you can keep yourself much drier than the other guests on rides such as Splash Mountain and the different River Rapids rides.
  • They are tiny and weigh virtually nothing.
  • Make someone’s day. Once you are done using your ponchos, you can very easily find other guests who could benefit from them. If you aren’t planning on taking them home, consider helping make someone else’s trip more magical.
  • They can cover your backpack. Umbrellas are notorious for only keeping part of your body dry and many times backpacks aren’t top-of-mind when trying to keep yourself dry. Ponchos can help keep your valuables from getting wet.
  • Bringing your own poncho will save you money. Like the ponchos linked above, ponchos you bring from home cost about $5-8 less EACH than buying them in the parks. Bringing them from home, they can easily fit into your suitcase, regardless of how full your suitcase is.

There are many rides in each park that are indoors. Sometimes rains only last a few minutes (followed by some drizzles), while other times it can last hours. Keep a list of indoor rides that you can go on while it’s raining and see how the weather is after you are done.
As frustrating as rain can be while you are at a theme park, one of the biggest perks is what the rain does to the wait times and sheer number of people in the park. If you can find things to do for about an hour, you’ll find that the park clears out. Many of those people do not return when it clears up. This is a perfect time to take advantage of little to no wait times. I have had times where we stuck it out and ended up riding Splash Mountain 3 times in a row with less than 2 minutes of wait time. In fact, between the first and second times, we had to get off and walk back around to the entrance and walk the path back to the log boats. Between the second and third time, there wasn’t anyone waiting, and the Disney workers let us stay in our log and go again. It was pretty awesome!
If you really aren’t interested in attempting to do rides in the rain you can use this time to fill your belly with great Disney treats, turkey legs, popcorn, cotton candy, or even a full meal. It gives you time to sit down and relax with your family or friends and talk about the magical time you are having. If food isn’t in the plans at that time of day, it never hurts to peruse any of the many Disney stores throughout the parks.
I have always loved the monorail system. Ever since my first visit to Disneyworld, I was captivated by the sleek-looking monorails and loved being able to see Disney structures in the distance when going between stops, pulling through the Contemporary Resort, getting closer to the EPCOT ball, and cruising above the many streams and trees. It is a nice way to give your legs a rest and the kids love the ride as well.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time with your travel companions. Decide ahead of time what you plan to do if it rains so you are prepared and all on the same page!

What are your favorite tips for Disney when it rains? Leave a comment below.

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