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Welcome back Mickey muchachos! Guru Joey again, with another fun tip for making your Disney stay just a bit more magical and save you money, too!

A cool way to add some enchantment to your family’s Disney stay is to have a welcome basket of Disney delights with your family’s name on it waiting for you in your room when you get there. Disney will do that for you in the form of their In-Room Celebrations, which you can purchase for no small fee from Disney Floral and Gifts here.

If you do Mickey’s Magical Welcome you will pay $350 and it will include:

  • Disney Floral & Gifts Designed Welcome Door Sash
  • Disney Floral & Gifts Designed Mickey collapsible storage containers
  • (1) Black Felt Mickey tag for container
  • (2) Exclusive Disney Floral & Gifts Designed Pillowcases
  • (4) Exclusive Disney Floral & Gifts Designed Castle Luminaries with lights
  • (2) Disney Beach Towels
  • Official Walt Disney World Resort® Autograph Book and Pen
  • A decorative silver-color tray with Sparkling Juice
  • (2) Mickey Mouse Ear Hats – Adult
  • (2) Mickey Vision glasses featuring custom holographic lenses
  • Assorted Snacks and Treats

While it is cool to have a banner with your family’s name on it and some personalized pillow cases and towels, we gurus have found that the value for the money is just not quite there.

But we do think having some Disney welcome gifts in your room is a cool addition to your Disney trip! Here is how you can do it!

If you stay at a Disney resort, they will allow you to have packages mailed to your room! Here is where to go for info and instructions on how to do that. Disney does charge a $6.00 package handling fee, but it’s a small expense to have the convenience of having the package delivered to your room.

Just box up your items and ship them to your room so that you don’t have to take up precious luggage space for the extra items. Just remember, they will have to come home with you! is a great source for cool Disney gear for your DIY in-room celebration. Many of the items listed below can be found there. Below is a sample celebration kit. The awesome thing about your DIY celebration is that you can put whatever you want in there. If you want to go to the original site and purchase any of these just click on the picture.


Personalized Tag:

Autograph Book with Pen:



Ear Hats:
Ear Hats
Mickey/Minnie Plush (Or any character):

Mickey/Minnie Beach Towels:

$19.99 a piece


Mickey Water bottles:

Disney Clothing:

Disney Watches:



Mickey Confetti:

Assorted Treats:
Assorted Treats
$3-6.00 a piece






So, for this example of a DIY in-room celebration:

  • (1) Disney Tote
  • (1) Mickey Tag
  • (2) Autograph Book with Pen
  • (2) Ear Hats
  • (2) Plush Disney Characters
  • (2) Disney Beach Towels
  • (2) Disney Water Bottles
  • (2) Articles of Disney Clothing/Gear
  • (2) Disney Watches
  • (8) Assorted Snacks and Treats
  • Mickey Confetti

With shipping and the $6.00 handling fee, that comes to $280.00, and you get more of the stuff you really want. That is a savings of $70.

Once you get to the resort, you will need about 10 minutes where you can get into the room before the rest of your family does to set up your stuff. But I can tell you, it will be fun!

Remember, when you are doing a DIY in-room gift set, you can personalize it however you wish! Here is a picture of one of the times we did it.

Family at Disney

If you are giving the DIY in-room celebration as a gift for a family, send them a link to this page and an Amazon gift card. They will have a blast putting together a custom gift package for their family!

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