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Oh boy! It’s Guru Joey with a sweet trick to save some instant dollars on your Disney getaway! And who doesn’t like saving money? Now, there are a few different ways to go about this, so pick whichever works for your and start saving!

Target RedCard:

If you have a Target RedCard, you can save 5% instantly on anything you purchase at Target. That includes Disney gift cards! With a Disney gift card, you can buy pretty much anything in the park. You can pay for dining, merchandise, park tickets, resort hotel rooms, and more. This is a fantastic way to add 5% off on top of whatever other deals you get. Click here for a link on how to apply.

It has been reported that buying gift cards in bulk can create issues with Target employees who, for some reason, think it is shady. It isn’t, but, if you want to avoid weird issues, buy the amount you want in a few different transactions.

You may want to underestimate they amount you will use in the park so that you can maximize your savings and not end up with unused gift card money. The gift cards, however, do not expire. So, if you do end up with unused Disney bucks, hot dog! You get to go to Disney again.

You can also use Disney Gift cards at as well as the Disney Store.

BJ’s or other wholesale clubs:

BJ’s is a wholesale club where you can find $100 gift cards for $95.99. That equates to about 4% off. There are also periodic deals that can push that percentage just a bit past 5% sometimes even 8%.

The online membership fee per year is 10 dollars, so you will need to factor that in to your discount.

The upside of BJs is that unlike the Target Red Card purchase, you can use any credit card to purchase the gift cards. So, discount stacking can occur. If you have a card that allows 5% cash back or points for purchases at wholesale clubs, you are looking at about 9% savings.