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Hey there, hi there, ho there, folks! It’s Guru Joey with a list of ways to get those spendy Disneyland tickets at a more reasonable price! Disneyland is a fun vacation, but with the price of tickets continually rising, finding nice discounts can take a little financial pressure off.

Below you will find a list of ways you can get a discounted ticket. Some of these methods have limitations and certain parameters that need to be met, so read carefully and see which one best works for you! The more + signs, the bigger the discount.
If you want to know what a full priced Disneyland Ticket runs, just check here:

AAA Discounted Tickets
Civil Service and Government discounts
College Student Discounts
Corporate Discounts
DVC Member Discounts
Military Discounts
Foreign (Non-US) Resident Tickets
SoCal Resident Discounts
Undercover Tourist Discounts


AAA Discounts(Back to top)

AAA discounts depend primarily on which regional club you belong to. To determine which type of discount or bonus your regional club offers, contact the club office. They are usually very helpful, and the information is readily available.

The best discounts are available at the Automobile Club of Southern California offices. The closest office to Disneyland is located at 240 N Euclid Street. Their number is (714) 774-2392. They sell multi-day discounted park tickets, and the offer is available to any AAA member; however, you must pick up the tickets in person at the regional office.

If you are part of a west coast regional AAA group, check with your home office. They may have deals such as free parking with ticket purchase and multi-day discounts. It never hurts to try.


Civil Service and Government Discounts(Back to top)

If you are an employee of a branch of the government or are a Civil Service employee, it is likely there is a discount available to you. Often these rates are near or the same as the rates for military members, which means substantial savings. Often times the tickets must be ordered, but once in hand, it is rumored that any individual can use them, which is a step up from the military tickets.

Contact your HR department for information about this discount and instructions on how to purchase these tickets.


College Student Discounts (So-Cal Mainly)(Back to top)

Students of Universities in California, and specifically southern California, have an opportunity to get a slightly discounted one-day ticket. Usually the savings is one dollar but as with all discounts, the more days you go, the larger the discount. Student rec offices or unions will have the information you need.


Corporate Discounts(Back to top)

Many corporations offer through their HR departments discounted tickets to Disneyland.
If you work for a company that has a special relationship with Disney, you could be in for a steep discount. Disney does business with a lot of different companies so the quick way to find out is through your HR department.


DVC Member Discounts(Back to top)

Members of Disney Vacation Club receive a $20 discount on Signature and Signature plus passports.

Also, from time to time, DVC will offer its members special discounts on other types of park tickets. If you are a member, keep your eyes peeled for these periodic deals.


Military Discounts(Back to top)

There are two ways to save on Disneyland tickets if you are Military:

Typical Permanent Military Discount

Savings of 4-8%. While not as good as the Military Salute tickets, they are good for military personnel that would like to visit for less than 3 days, have large groups (Salute tickets limited to 6) or would like to stay longer than the salute tickets allow.

These tickets can be purchased through your MWR/ITT office and may sometimes need to be ordered.

Military Salute Tickets

These tickets, though not permanent (Disney reserves the right to discontinue Salute tickets any given year), have been around for a while. If you are an active or retired US military member, regardless of branch, you can purchase up to six of the following tickets:

  • 3-Day Park Hopper ($179)
  • 4-Day Park Hopper ($198)

Blackout Dates: 4/14/19-4/22/19 and 12/19/19 through the end of the year

Tickets must be purchased by the military personnel with valid military ID at the MWR/ITT or can also be purchased at the Disneyland ticket booth.

We have used these tickets MANY times! They are the best. Couple that with the discounted rooms for Military members and you are getting a smashing deal.
For more information about the Military Salute tickets, please click here:


Foreign (Non-US) Resident Tickets(Back to top)
Australia and New Zealand:

Residents of Australia and New Zealand can purchase a 10-day Disney Vacation Pass for about the price of a 5-Day Park Hopper. This ticket works much the same as a regular park hopper and includes one Magic Morning. If you are a resident of one of these countries, ask your travel agent about this ticket.


Canadian residents can purchase discounted Disneyland tickets at CCA offices and at Disney Store locations. Though not available on their website Flight Centre (a travel agency), locations in Canada often offer discounted tickets, too! Like other specific discounts, these are meant for Canadian residents, and your ID may be requested if you intend to use them.


SoCal Resident Discounts(Back to top)

If you are a resident of Southern California and you have ID to verify, you can purchase the SoCal Select annual pass.
The SoCal Select annual pass is $399. You do get 10% off select dining, but the pass does not include parking.
It also comes with blackout dates though, so make sure you are aware of those dates.
Disney also frequently offers tickets like the ones below for SoCal residents, though these tickets are usually from the first half of the year to the middle of May.

  • 3 Day 1 park per day ticket: $179
  • 3 Day Park Hopper: $234

You can often purchase these passes and tickets direct from Disney or at local area supermarkets. Don’t forget that ID.


Travel Agency Tickets(Back to top)

Often travel agencies will have discounted Disney tickets as a draw to use their service. When using these agencies make sure you are not spending more on something else because the Disneyland tickets are so cheap. Always do a cost analysis, and make sure you pay attention to what is required to purchase the tickets. If you have spent time on this website and still find a better deal with specific travel agency, then chances are you have done your homework.
A couple travel agencies that do a lot of Disney business are:

  • Small world Vacations
  • Undercover Tourist

Have a great time at Disneyland!!!