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I have stayed at every hotel the Disneyland Resort has to offer, and I must say that the Paradise Pier Hotel is my absolute favorite. If you are looking for a whimsical and comfortable hotel with just the right amount of Disney charm, then the Paradise Pier Hotel is perfect. The atmosphere, rooms, amenities and location all contribute to an amazing experience.

Guru Nick’s Ratings:
Overall: 9/10
Lobby: 10/10
Check-in: 10/10
Room: 10/10
Transportation: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Pools: 10/10
Activities: 10/10


Lobby:(Back to top)

Atmosphere is a huge part of staying at the resorts and The Paradise Pier Hotel doesn’t disappoint. From when you first walk into the hotel, you are greeted by Goofy who is ready to hit the waves. The theme of The Paradise Pier Hotel is the beach, and it is immersive. Take some time to walk around and see what you can find, especially hidden Mickeys. It is easy to lose yourself in the Disney and beach magic here and is an excellent way to start your Disney vacation. The staff is also incredibly friendly and helpful. If you need anything, they are there to assist.


Check-in:(Back to top)

We did have a bit of a wait when we first arrived at the Paradise Pier to check in as there were a lot of other people trying to check in as well. The staff, however, was very efficient and the wait went by quite quickly. The lady who checked us in was very friendly and eager to assist us in getting set up with our room. She was very knowledgeable about things to do in the hotel as well as places to eat. It was a wonderful experience. I also want to point out that we were offered an incredible rate if we wanted to extend our stay a second night, and we did.


Room:(Back to top)

The rooms at the Paradise Pier Hotel are extremely comfortable, spacious and a lot of fun to stay in. We stayed in a both a standard view room and the premium view. Both rooms have a two queen beds and a day bed. All of the rooms come equipped with a pack and play, FYI. The biggest difference here is that the standard view will give you a view of Downtown Disney, whereas the premium view gives you a view of the park. This is great as you can see the fireworks and some of the rides. We loved the premium view. When you walk into the rooms you will notice the beach ball pillows on the bed. When we stayed there during the Pixar Fest, these were replaced by the Pixar ball. Mickey in some sort of surf or beach theme that can be found all over the room. The kids and adults will love this so take some time to look around the room. The beds are clean and comfortable. You would not expect anything else from Disney.


Transportation:(Back to top)

We drove ourselves to the hotel and parked in the parking structure that is on site. The parking structure is safe and clean, so we were nervous having to go out to the car at night to grab something we forgot. My only complaint is that we have to pay for parking separate when you arrive. Honestly, I feel like this should be built in the cost of the room. It is my only complaint when it comes to Disney. Parking is not cheap. That being said, I do enjoy that they have a parking structure that is protected so you don’t have to worry about a break-in or being assaulted. Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but Anaheim isn’t the safest place on earth.


Food:(Back to top)

When at the Paradise Pier Hotel, you an choose from a variety of places to eat. If you are looking for the character breakfast, Disney’s PCH Grill is a great place to go. We ate there with some friends, and the kids had a blast not just eating with the characters but joining in on a dance party as well. As far as the food is concerned, my wife and I ate at their omelet station where you can choose from a variety of options. It was delicious.

After coming back from the park and the kids are down, head over to the Surfside Lounge. There are cocktails to enjoy or grab a light meal. This was a life saver one evening as we returned late from the park and my wife was hungry. I stopped by and picked up a sandwich for her. It wasn’t the best sandwich I’ve ever had but it certainly got the job done and my wife was grateful.

Finally, there is also in-room dining if you so choose. We actually didn’t choose this option, but it’s nice to know that it’s there if you just don’t want to leave the room for the night or get up early and get some grub. If you do want to venture outside the hotel, you are not far from Downtown Disney that has a variety of selections for you.


Pool:(Back to top)

So, the first time we stayed at the Paradise Pier, we did not take advantage of the pool on the roof top. Big mistake! We finally did on our last stay at this amazing hotel and I regret it took us so long. We took the kids there the first night as we were not going to the park till the following morning and we had a blast. First, the pool is heated, so it’s very comfortable to swim regardless of the temperature outside. This was February, so it was quite nice. The pool is spacious and can accommodate many of the guests with not feeling too crowded. They do have a smaller hot tub which can fill out a bit quickly. Not near as big as the Grand Californian’s hot tubs but still fun. They also have a kiddie pool and provide little life jackets for the kids as well, just in case you forgot the floaties.

The best part by far is the waterslide. I went down it like 20 times as this was February and it wasn’t getting a lot of use. We were told that the slide was inspired by beachside roller coasters. It will definitely keep the kids happy as well as most adults. Pool hours and slide operating times vary by pool and weather conditions so be prepared. We were told by other guests that it’s not always available.


Location:(Back to top)

Finally, the location for the Paradise Pier Hotel works perfectly. In walking distance from both Downtown Disney and the parks, it is easy to come back to your room if you’ve forgotten anything or if someone needs a nap. Also, because you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, you get the magic hour. That’s an hour in the park earlier before the crowds arrive. All of these things contribute to make Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel my absolute favorite and a must for anyone wanting to stay at a resort hotel.