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Hello Disney Chums! Guru Joey here to help you score a sweet room for a fraction of the price. Disney Deluxe resorts usually go for around $450-$500. A moderate hotel would be somewhere around $250 per night. So, in order to get a deluxe hotel at a moderate price you would need a discount of about 40%. Now before we delve into the deals it is important to note that a deluxe Disney accommodation, even at a discount, is still expensive. Booking this type of room falls in the realm of splurging a little. But let me tell you, it will be worth it!

Book Through a DVC Point Renting Site

This is one of my favorite ways to get a Deluxe resort room! Booking through a DVC point renting site such as can save you around 40% on Deluxe accommodations. The process is not only simple it is also quite safe. I have rented through numerous times with zero problems, and their website is full of testimonials from many other satisfied customers. Because you are renting points through a DVC member it does take time to get a match and finalize your reservation, but once it is complete you can start planning your sweet trip.

When you visit the site and before you actually book the resort you can explore what the resort would cost you for your stay by using Dave’s cost calculator. If the price is right, you can then fill out the reservation request form. The information in that form is required for a DVC member to book your trip for you. You will then be required to make a $110 (Roughly) deposit while the folks at Dave’s try and book your reservation. If the reservation you requested is available, you will be notified and billed for the remainder of the trip.

These transactions are non-refundable, so it is important you understand that once the reservation is made it cannot be changed. This is one of the only drawbacks to renting DVC points. If you have any reason to believe you might need more vacation flexibility you should look elsewhere.

If the reservation cannot be made for you due to non-availability the crew at will offer you alternative rooms for the same dates. If none of the rooms offered interest you, they will refund your deposit.

If you are dead set on a specific resort it would be wise to make your reservation with Dave’s right at 11 months prior to your vacation time, as this is when the booking window opens, and the best availability is. For the more flexible traveler you can also get deeper discounts by purchasing premade reservations through Dave’s. These reservations have been made by DVC owners who can no longer go on them. They are sold as significant discounts. Often at 50% of the full price with some even falling in the range of 30%… Wow!

The accommodations reserved by this process are usually villas, meaning they have a small kitchen. They are cleaned about 1 time per visit, but you can request more frequent cleanings for around $35 a piece. Having stayed in these villas, I can tell you they are as good, if not better, than the normal hotel rooms cleaning aside.

Below are the resorts that can be booked through DVC point renting sites:
– Animal Kingdom
– The Contemporary (Bay Lake Tower)
– Beach Club Villas
– Boardwalk Villas
– Grand Floridian
– Old Key West
– Polynesian
– Saratoga Springs
– Wilderness Lodge

For Disneyland:
– Grand Californian

Military Discounts

If you are a member of the military with a valid military ID you may be able to get 40% off any deluxe resort accommodation. You would simply need to call Disney directly, state that you are a military member and wish to find a room at the military rate in a deluxe resort. These rooms are limited, and due to popularity are often sold out quickly. But, if you plan far enough in advance (again 11 months is key) you can usually find a room at a great price! Even if you don’t find the one you want when you call, be patient and try again a few weeks later. Disney will often release more rooms the closer you get to your trip.

These room reservations you can cancel at any time. They are just like a normal reservation directly through Disney. You only need walk up to the counter when you arrive at the resort and show your ID to the cast member at the check-in desk.

For a list of military IDs that are accepted look below.

Military Discount IDs

The following are a few other methods of obtaining discounts on Disney resort hotels:

Booking Non-Peak Dates
Just like any hotel, there are more expensive seasons and less expensive seasons. No matter whether you are paying full price or using some other discount method, the dates you book the trip will make a difference.

For the official Disney World season chart visit

For Disneyland:

Use a Discount Booking Site
Booking through a site such as Travelocity, Orbitz, or Expedia you can usually get a discount off rack rates of around 10%, but I have seen the discounts as big as 20% though they are not as common. These sites are only able to rent rooms released to them by Disney, so inventory is limited, and it is often hard to find the exact resort you want. But if you are flexible you can find good deals.

Special Promotions
Throughout the year Disney World will often offer special promotions and discounts off specific room types. These discounts range from anywhere between 25% off to 40% off depending on the circumstances. The dates these discounts are available change yearly and are subject to availability. If you search the Disney website and your vacation falls within one of these discount periods, the discount should automatically apply. If you book through a Disney authorized travel agent such as Undercover Tourist, they should be able to inform you of the current discount rates and dates.